Monologue Whispers (2011)

by japsuki

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A passion project solo album written, performed, recorded, mixed by Japs Sergio 3 weeks in April, 2011 using Apple's GarageBand.

Mastered by Ronald De Asis at Creative Portal, inc.

Album photo artwork: Niña Sandejas
Layout: Gelo Lagasca

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released December 19, 2011



all rights reserved


japsuki Parañaque City, Philippines

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Track Name: Hits & Misses
Hits & Misses

It’s all about hits & misses
The hows and whys and cluelessness
Oh dear!
I’m from the south but I went west
It was a cold front that lasted all year

Here come prayers
Offered selectively
Please, I swear I’ll do anything
Just hear me out
This is the last time
If you give a way out of this whole ordeal

Hush now
Silenced the thoughts

A slight change of mind
With a sudden shift in equation
Then fall behind on a new denomination

Right minus wrong
Given multiple selections
Stand by a strong intensity of faith & devotion

Now that it’s done
Look through the window
It can’t be undone
Careful what you wish for
Track Name: Stereo Light
Stereo Light

Sailing the seas on an arrow
Navigate the mind

I’m gonna wear my suit
It’s gonna mirror the weather
It’s gonna be cloudy as soon as I get my act together
It’s gonna look so sweet
It’s gonna knock you off your feet
With matching shoes that’ll shine as bright as the moon can offer

The sun is high on a Monday rain
Those prying eyes can’t do anything
You’ve got nothing to prove
So, no need to go the extra mile
If there’s nothing to chew
Then I say it’s a total waste of time

Rise and fall into the realm of night
Left, right into the stereo light
The in-betweens of lows and highs
A voice that hushed the fear inside
Left, right into the stereo light
Track Name: Time Of The Signs
Time Of The Signs

Looking for that strong intuition
A free mind is the new religion
The stars make a wrong turn to the right
Yet, still justifies all reasons

It’s a freight train whatever comes
There are no words to lay it down
It’s amazing when it does come
Undivided attention I give to you

There are no signs to tell you how you’re supposed to feel
Inner desires redefine the ends and means

Destiny is only a starter
What happens next is all on you
Track Name: The Solar Eye
The Solar Eye

Good morning!
I made it through another day
Of walking cinematic landscapes
Surrounded by the grace of the sun
A new fire is within the confines of love
A neutralizing beam
A force from up above

Last night
I barely made it from the fullness of the moon
Oh, I tried to not be taken by its pull

I tripped the line that defines night and day

The solar eye can tinker with anyone of us
Au naturel ways to rejuvenate oneself

Last night
I barely made it from the fullness of the moon
Oh, I tried to not be taken by its pull

I tripped the line that defines night and day
I tried the solar eye
Track Name: Hole In One
Hole In One

I woke up and I felt my throat was dried up
So, I drank water from a glass that was half full
I needed to ask myself
Should I believe in the truth or fantasy?

I went out to walk and I got lost
So, I tried to go back where I came from
But the wind blew the trail of crumbs on the road
I knew I had to stop and then go forth

This time I won’t let you sink deeper into that hole

I ran into a familiar place and I looked and I heard
And I said to myself, “I thought I’d never see you again”
Track Name: Echoes

Echoes bringing it on
Playing that same old song

Melodies I can hear
Even with my ears closed

It’s a line where everything intertwined
It’s about time to get some peace of mind

Melodramatic lines covering the insides
Age old puzzling words that won’t see daylight

It’s a line where everything intertwined
It’s about time to get some peace of mind
Track Name: When Dust Becomes Diamonds
When Dust Becomes Diamonds

Once upon a long time ago
When heroes were meant to be saviors
Cross the line to hope against hope
That even the weak be survivors

Then it becomes the modern world
Where simple adds fuel to fire
Confusion ends in a monologue
Expectations soon will expire

Who can you save when dust becomes diamonds?

Two lives to live to remember
Is it too much to ask for another?
Track Name: Bitter, Sweeter
Bitter, Sweeter

Make room for conditions
of miscommunication
All is well when all is calm

Up and down like a race
Nothing is unnoticed
Take things one at a time

The things I don’t like to see
Are the things I don’t like about me
If I think the world’s against me
I would still not look at it blindly

Looking in from the outside
An opening on the inside
Everything looks clearer now

Wide awake from a coffee break
Often pride gets in the way
Knock on wood to save the day

The things I don’t like to see
Are the things I don’t like about me
If I think the world’s against me
I would still not look at it blindly

Thanks to the bitter world
The pain and the hurtful words
The karmic connections

For it made everything else sweeter
The bittersweet life
Track Name: Summer Fiction
Summer Fiction

It all stands to reveal compelling reasons
The hands of time allowed a glimpse of horizon

If only to make you see that there’s nothing new
Would you reconsider the truth?

Fictional life

If there’s nothing to rebel against
Logic is subdued
Naked eyes will see through

Fictional life

A breeze and a gentle touch of the sun
Unfreeze the moment to look upon

Naked eyes will see through

Fun times will pull through in a heartbeat
A goldmine of memories is something to tap into

Good times
I see you

Never mind
The marching days are over
So much to anticipate
The prophecy of summer
Track Name: Ten Ways
Ten Ways

Is it the end of the show?
It was supposed to be a long road
It was so far and now it’s near
And it feels like I should stand clear of
The closing doors,
The open wars,
The edge of the greener side
More is merrier
It’s a bottomless ride

If I ever get the chance
I’d do it all over again
It would be my pleasure to deliver another ten

Ten ways to arrive
Ten ways to take five

Point of interest
Curiosity revived the cat
The thirst for new age satisfaction brought it back

Why can’t I figure out surprises?
Infrared light makes me see the wavelengths

If you know it’s the last time
How did you find out?
Can I trouble you for a song?
A song that can fill the half

An empty train of thought surrounds me
It’s so nice to alleviate the process

Happy trails to you
Au revoir
Paalam na!
Track Name: Dancing On My Rain (Bonus Track)
Dancing On My Rain

It’s a cold feeling
Having known and believing
The other side of you

But it’s a lost cause trying
To explain that I’m on your side
Even with your other side

It’s understood that no matter how ideal
The fact remains
The bridge is burned
And there’s no other way

Don’t worry
There’s not a beat of heart left in me
You just had to press stop…

Dancing on my rain

I choose to believe that I knew your better half
In a situation where I got the worse end

He says, she says
It’s up to you

Peace be with you
And now I’ll stop…

Stop dancing on my rain
Dancing on my rain